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Business reputation management is an important component of a company's overall strategy since it helps to develop and retain consumer trust. With the internet being the primary marketing tool in today's world, your online reputation is just as essential as your physical one. Unfavorable reviews, unlawful content on hate sites, negative media coverage, and misleading information are just some of the issues that businesses face when it comes to their reputation. As a result, it is critical for businesses to safeguard their online reputation from being tainted by bad comments and reviews.

Roton is a well-known digital business in India that provides a wide variety of digital marketing strategies, notably online reputation management. We help clients overcome unfavorable perceptions of their goods, services, and brands and establish a positive image for their products, service providers, and brands. We develop ORM strategies that include the following elements:

  • Dealing with bad postings by influencing SERP results.
  • Promoting the brand's image in order to have a favorable influence.
  • Customer relationships are being improved.
  • Consistently monitoring your internet reputation.


A company's reputation and brand value should be evaluated on a regular basis so that it can work to improve them. We start the ORM process at Roton by looking at your company's reputation, market positioning, and competition. We examine untraceable risks and attackers for you in the event of a reputation assault. Data cross-indexing and email tracking are two of our cyber investigation strategies.

ORM is about more than just being reactive and defending a company's reputation. A sound plan also involves a preventative approach that prevents damage from occurring in the first place. As part of our Internet Reputation Management Services, we develop a foolproof approach that makes use of current online resources to improve the brand's exposure and reputation.

Once the plan has been devised, it must be implemented in order to maintain or restore the brand's reputation, as the case may be. Our specialists combine successful concepts like aggressive SEO for positive digital marketing, publishing optimized press releases , writing positive customer reviews on prominent review sites, and removing bad reviews. To cope with any bad evaluations or libelous statements, we use counter-propaganda.

ORM covers not only the development and management of a brand's reputation and also it is monitoring. We analyze the web and internet conversations related to your brand on a regular basis and notify you as quickly as we see any concerns that need to be handled. We can also help you prepare a response if necessary.

Reporting is an important part of the ORM cycle since it shows how effective the campaign was. As part of our reputation management services, we give detailed reports so you can keep track of the campaign's progress. The document gives all of the performance indicators, providing you with all of the information you need to verify the services we provide.


Roton is a well-known digital marketing agency in India that provides dependable ORM services. We help you appear your best online by managing your online reputation and promoting a favorable image for your company. We use a customer-centric methodology and provide each client with an industry-specific, tailored digital strategy. Our specialists do continuous real-time monitoring to keep track of your brand's online buzz. We have a team of qualified experts with years of expertise.
We've produced many successful campaigns for hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the years. We believe in providing clients with cost-effective solutions that generate a high return on investment. To get the greatest outcomes with our campaigns, we keep up with the newest trends and approaches. We provide our clients with consistent reports so they can be certain that they picked the finest ORM partner for their company.


Our dynamic team of developers helps in designing HubSpot applications for all the respective clients. We create all the applications to serve the needs of the entrepreneurs.

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Our supportive team deals with the queries of the clients on time. We have an active 24 hours support system to answer our clients within seconds.

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Our team of profitable developers helps design lucrative application plans that fit everyone's budget. These plans help to generate maximum revenues.

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Testing is essential to keep the site free from hacker's attack. Our team does detailed testing to achieve a safe and secure site.

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We deliver on-time reports to our valuable clients and serve the needs of business vendors on time.

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Safeguard Your Ideas

At Roton, we appreciate your confidence in us and safeguard your unique corporate ideas and design the finest services for your development and expansion.

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