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PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaigns are a unique and successful approach to boost your site's conversion rate by using highly targeted ad campaigns. These ad campaigns are optimized for a computer or mobile consumers and are developed and executed using Google Adwords, Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads. Based on a thorough review of existing customer traffic and general search volume for terms in the company's specialty, our advertising company follows a precise methodology for what kind of ads to create and where to position them on the internet. A thorough PPC campaign management strategy entails running a number of distinct ad campaigns, each focusing on a different service or product and based on a certain keyword search volume. An increase in conversion rates with a low cost-per-click is the result of a successful sponsored search marketing campaign (CPC). Because of the high conversion rate and cheap CPC, your firm will see a quick return on investment.

On the other hand, in order to get a high conversion rate with a long-term ROI. You may demand our SEO Services, which will necessitate our SEO Consultants providing you with expert and effective SEO Consulting to assist you in driving targeted Search Engine traffic and growing your organization.


A good PPC/Adwords campaign is built on a solid foundation of keyword research. With so much competition for top keywords, having a specialized niche that your firm can improve is critical. Choosing the appropriate keywords will ensure that you get a lot of traffic for a reasonable price. Our talented campaign managers will be able to mix and match low-cost long-tail keywords with a large search volume of prospective clients, as well as high-cost keywords with a low search volume. Because you're interacting with people who are already looking for something similar to your offer, targeting specialized traffic will boost your conversion rates.

To fit your budget and desire, a set of strictly delineated targets (conversion rates, leads, brand recognition) will be created. Because traffic will be driven by affordable long-tail keywords, the cost-per-ad will always be low, and each group will include four advertisements or less to ensure clarity.

After the initial click-through, your landing pages will be adjusted to increase conversion rates. The most essential aspect is that your landing pages will be updated to include the same phrase content as the PPC ad campaign. Aside from keyword content, landing pages should have straightforward headlines that offer a high-value offering and can entice visitors. A section for testimonials and reviews should also be included on a landing page since this will go a long way toward earning a visitor's trust in your business. A lead form that does not request too much information from customers is another useful element on a landing page. Landing page optimization will guarantee that the traction generated by a PPC campaign leads to good conversion rates.

Using the conversion monitoring tool provided by Google Adwords, we will assess the success of the ad campaigns and make any modifications. This conversion tracking tool keeps track of websites, phones, applications, and imports (offline transactions), as well as what occurs when a customer clicks on an ad. To have a better grasp of the ROI, you may improve keywords, advertisements, ad groups, and PPC campaigns. The PPC management services in India provided by Roton are cost-effective. Experts select the right terminology and target the right audience.


Our first concern is customer service, thus our project managers are available throughout business hours to facilitate better communication. By giving updates on regular activities, we use CRM technologies to assist establish and manage connections with our clients. The program is basic and straightforward to use. We recognize the value of personalization, which is why we assign a specialized account manager to provide better teamwork and collaboration. Our daily, weekly, and monthly updates allow you to keep track of your website's progress and what's coming up in the next months.


Our dynamic team of developers helps in designing HubSpot applications for all the respective clients. We create all the applications to serve the needs of the entrepreneurs.

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Our supportive team deals with the queries of the clients on time. We have an active 24 hours support system to answer our clients within seconds.

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Our team of profitable developers helps design lucrative application plans that fit everyone's budget. These plans help to generate maximum revenues.

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Our team has successfully delivered more than 100 additional projects for our valuable clients. We have experience in developing apps with satisfactory results.

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Testing is essential to keep the site free from hacker's attack. Our team does detailed testing to achieve a safe and secure site.

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We deliver on-time reports to our valuable clients and serve the needs of business vendors on time.

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Safeguard Your Ideas

At Roton, we appreciate your confidence in us and safeguard your unique corporate ideas and design the finest services for your development and expansion.

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